Charlie Crenshaw VI, 31 years old, is an actor and co-owner/founder of Crenshaw's C6 Salsa in Austin, Tx. He has been making salsa for almost 18 years, a recipe his father taught him when he was just a kid. For years, Charlie would bring his home made salsa to parties and events, and throughout the years he created 5 more delicious flavors of the salsa to add more variety. Charlie is the treasurer of the Silver & Black of Central Texas, an officially sponsored booster club of the Oakland Raiders. He would bring his varieties of salsa to each of their events, and in February of 2016, club members told him, "Charlie, you have to turn this into a business. It's THAT good."

The next day, Charlie decided that starting a salsa business might just be a great idea. He posted an ad on social media and told hundreds of friends about his salsa, the different flavors, and he would sell them for $5 per jar and deliver them to each customer. The first round of orders totaled 40 jars. Charlie gathered the ingredients, the jars, and the labels. He got home, whipped out the blender, put on AC/DC and began making salsa. After delivering the jars to each customer, people began posting their reviews on Facebook and the word was spreading. Charlie would go on to do 11 more rounds of orders, and the jar total was growing to over 200 jars per batch. Each batch of orders would take him 10+ hours to make, and 12+ hours to deliver.

After a regional Raider meetup in San Antonio, Tx, Charlie VI sold 125 jars of salsa at the event, and a decision had to be made. He had passed the "friends and family" test, and decided it was time to gather investors and partners and ramp up operations. Crenshaw's C6 Salsa, LLC was born. The name comes his grandfather who called him "C6" (he is the 6th Charlie in his family) and for the 6 flavors he offers: Mild, Medium, Hot, Ghost Chili, Mango Habanero, and Tequila Lime.  The Crenshaw family started Crenshaw's C6 Salsa together in the Spring of 2016.  We now have brought in two more investors and have already made over 50,000 gallons of Crenshaw's C6 Salsa and going strong. Crenshaw's C6 Salsa has landed in the largest grocery store chain in the state of Texas... exclusively H-E-B. 



Nothing adds life to a dish or to a party quite like great SALSA! Our six unique flavors have tastes and textures unlike any other salsa! Our goal is to provide you with amazing salsa that you can enjoy with chips, tacos, chicken, beef, any Mexican food dish, and hundreds more recipes. We love what we do and we hope you love our stuff just as much as we do!

Crenshaw's C6 Salsa is available for
purchase online:  www.crenshawsc6salsa.com and is on Amazon at Crenshaw's C6 Salsa.
All major credit cards accepted.
You can also email us at: crenshawsc6salsa@gmail.com.